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We could do great things. Terrible, yesbut great.

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Let me guess. You thought I’d be bigger?

You’re big where it counts hehe.

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You have me now.

Gifs inspired by awesome breakfest fic written by endwithahypen ;)

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Because even superheroes need some normal dates ;)

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“so, are you goin’ to get ready or what?”

“can’t I be the lazy one for a change? I like to watch you getting dressed.”

“you just like to stare at my ass.”

“maybe, maybe…”

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I don’t want him to hurt you again…

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“do you really have to go?”

“you know I have to, freckles, it’s my job.”

“can’t you find another job?”

“did I ever ask ya to stop making our basement blow up?”

“… just be careful, ok?”

“I will… love ya.”

“I love you too.”